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April 23, 2014
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April 26, 2014
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Should there ever be a need to drain your central heating system, for example to repair a leaking pipe or change the boiler etc. You can use a radiator. You van also seek expert advice from professionals such as Highgate Plumbers if you are not confident about doing the job.
To drain from a radiator it is best to remove the radiator from the wall. When the radiator is off the wall, connect up a rubber hose which should be flexible with a piece of copper pipe around 4-6 inches long lodged in the end and held secure with a jubilee clip. Now fit a flexible tap connector to the copper pipe via a push fit connector. The valves come in two sizes so you need either a 15mm to ½” or 15mm to ¾” flexible tap connector to do the job.
Your local merchant will understand the imperial to metric jargon.

Now the flexible connector is attached to the radiator, tighten up initially by hand and then further using an adjustable spanner. Run the hose outside to the garden or drain. Open the radiator valve slowly and listen for the water running. As soon as you are happy that there are no leaks, open the valve fully. Now if don’t have a hosepipe then you will have to collect the running water in a suitable container which will take some time. First part done. Of course you must now secure the radiator back onto the wall and fill the system.

It is not wise as stated earlier, to undertake work of this type yourself unless you have experience as it can be quite dangerous. You should call in the services of your local Highgate Plumber and get a quote. This means that any work carried out is guaranteed.

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