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June 8, 2015
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August 18, 2015
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Plumbing problems in home are very common especially if your house is old. Internal plumbing problems of homes are mostly having clogs in sinks, showers and leakages of pipes. That is why we recommend people to have their own plumbing kit. A plumbing kit contains all essential plumbing components that one might require during plumbing malfunction. Your tool collection can help you resolve minor plumbing problem by yourself.
There are a great number of tools available in the market for resolving plumbing problems but you need only a few things to solve minor pluming problems at home. You should buy only those tools that you can use and master easily.
Here is the list of required tools provided by our company Plumber Highgate.
Pipe wrench
Having an adjustable pipe wrench is essential in solving plumbing work at home. It can be used for gripping pipes and objects. Its teeth make tightening, gripping and loosening of pipe easy. It comes in different sizes and shapes that increase quality of your work. Wrenches sometimes damage pipes because of its sharp serrated teeth. You can cover pipe with wrenched duct tape or can wrap it with cloth of in order to avoid damage. Crescent wrench helps in dealing with threaded fitting. Its thumbwheel allows you to adjust wrench. Crescent wrenches do not have serrated teeth so it cannot encounter damages to your plumbing fixtures and pipes.
Having pliers in your plumbing tool kit is necessary. Pliers are required for loosening and tightening of nuts and fittings.
Gripping tools
Gripping tools are used to prevent leakage at home. You might also need Teflon tape to avoid leaks. Teflon tapes are thin and inexpensive. It is versatile. It can be used to seal gas and air from the threaded pipes connections.
In order to deal with these issues, you need someone who is expert in handling these tasks. Therefore, you can call our company Plumber Highgate. We provide quick Plumbers’ service to our customers.

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