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June 23, 2016
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Blocked outside drain Highgate should never give you sleepless nights. Regardless of how bad it is, it is always possible to get help and avoid such an event from happening again. Actually, when the blockage isn’t as bad, you should be able to handle it yourself without having to contact any specialist for the same. Regardless of whether the blockage is within your commercial or residential place, you have to handle it before it becomes worse and poses a serious health hazard for all around the latest equipment can make the blockage so much easier to handle. You can actually get all sorts of blockages handled very fast.
What causes blockage
There are many reasons that can cause a blocked outside drain Highgate. Sometimes it can be because of a build up of debris over a period of time up to a point that the water can no longer be able to pass through. Drains can clog slowly over a period of time and you may realize it when it is already too late.
In some cases, the blockage has nothing to do with waste but rather tree roots that interfere with the water flow. You should first find out where the drainage is before you embark on a tree planting mission.
Clearing an outside drain can be very messy but if you are able to clean it on a regular basis, please do as this can really help. Do not flush solids down the drain as this is one of the main causes of a blockage. It is always best to dispose of the solids in the dust can.
If you do decide to clear the drain yourself, you will need rods for the job. Usually, you may need different sizes. Always make sure that you wear protective clothing before you embark on a drain clearing mission. There are lots of germs that you can encounter and this can be a health hazard.

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