Emergency plumbing Highgate
March 16, 2016
Dealing with a Blocked sink Highgate by professionals
April 17, 2016

Pipe damage:
If a nail is inadvertently put into the pipe, don’t pull it out at once as it will make the situation worse. A nail in the pipe will make the water leak slowly, but removing it will let the water out of the pipe with full force. So turn off the water supply and drain it down and start repairing the pipe.

Pipe repairing:
It is not always possible to perform a permanent solution for pipe damage as we do in how to unblock a blocked toilet Highgate. First of all, isolate the water supply from the pipe and drain it down. There are two possible temporary techniques to solve the problem.

Repairing through hose and clips:
Take a piece of garden hose of sufficient diameter and wrap it around the affected part of the pipe. Cut it lengthways and cover the damaged area tightly. Fasten the hose with at least three or more jubilee clips; one in the center and two on both ends. Wrapping and tightening all the damaged part of the pipe will rescue the situation and no further water wastage will occur.

Repairing through epoxy putty:
The other way is to use a proprietary brand of epoxy putty. It is a 2-part mix that dries hard and bonds itself to most of the metals if they are dry. Clean the affected area of the pipe with the emery paper, otherwise the putty may not stick. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer while mixing the two components together. Now press it into the damaged place while smoothing it out with a little filing knife. Check the required level of thickness and the time to leave it before letting the water flow through this pipe once again.

Through these methods you can avoid the water leakage on temporary grounds; through such tricky methods a plumber of the Highgate Company can also perform unblocking of a blocked toilet Highgate.

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