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Installing an electric shower:
An electric shower is required to be plumbed with the cold water supply and attached to the electrical supply. It is not an easy job to install a new electric shower; therefore, it is recommended to call a professional plumber or an expert to handle all the procedures and avoid attempting doing it on your own as it can cause the need for emergency plumbing Highgate. Electrical elements will require to be supplied through an individual circuit. The electrician is supposed to provide a certificate for the correctly done procedure.
For safety reasons, generally a pull cord is attached to the ceiling close to the shower. This facility lets someone outside the shower turn off the electricity of the shower without getting wet.

You can also install a wireless shower that will give minimum damage to the tiles.
Some great features of an electric shower:
Shower heads: you can avail a number of spray options. The more the spray will be concentrated, the harder the shower will be felt. It is easier to clean the heads with rubber nodules as well to help prevent the limescale build up while avoiding the risk of emergency plumbing Highgate.

LCD controls: these are used for more precise control; it shows the temperature of the shower.
Memory function: this function is available usually in the latest models; this can remember the previous setting.
Remote control: the latest models also come with the facility of a remote control. By purchasing these expensive models, you can turn on the equipment from the comfort of your bed!

The electric showers are not supposed to supply the power that is available from other models. But it is regardedas best in the way that you will never be without a hot shower when you wake up in the morning.

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